S 202 Wolverine (Varmint)


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Competitive origins proven terrain performance: the Wolverine masters extremely distant targets just as confidently as close-up shots. Just like the creature that it was named after, the S 202 Wolverine is a predator, respected by other predators.

Every component of the SAUER 202 is produced to perfection, dimensionally stable and of exceptional quality. Being able to custom select each component, from the stock, trigger and action to the barrel and sights, enables hunters to obtain the exact structural combination that suits their needs. The result is a fully customized, precision-manufactured hunting rifle.

  • Characteristics of the Wolverine (varmint)
  • Steel receiver
  • All steel parts are Ilaflon® - coated
  • 700 gram Match trigger
  • Rounded bolt handle
  • Fluted Varmint barrel
  • Sharp stippling at the grip area
  • Ergonomic fore-end
  • Buttstock with adjustable cheek piece
  • Model Varmint
    Barrel lenght* 650mm - 25,6”
    Barrel diameter 19mm - 0,75”
    Total length* from 1180mm - 46.46"
    Weight* from 3.700 - 8.16 lbs.
    Varmint .222 Rem., .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win. .25-06 Rem.
    Magazine 3 rounds

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