S 202 Classic XT (Mini & Medium)


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This is a resilient partner for extreme and big game hunting.
In the wilderness nature knows no mercy. Both hunter and rifle have to prove themselves. That is the time when you need unbeatable reliability.
Every component of the SAUER 202 is produced to perfection, dimensionally stable and of exceptional quality. Being able to custom select each component, from the stock, trigger and action to the barrel and sights, enables hunters to obtain the exact structural combination that suits their needs. The result is a fully customized, precision-manufactured hunting rifle.

  • Characteristics of the 202 Classic XT
  • Steel or light metal receiver
  • All steel parts are IlaflonŽ coated
  • Round bolt handle for fast shooting action
  • Two-piece black synthetic stock with Soft Touch (RH only)
  • Factory screw cut M14 x 1
  • 3 round mag
  • Barrel Length 600(Mini & Med)
    Overall Length 1,115
    Weight 3,500
    Calibres .222, .223, 22-250, 243, 6.5x57, 308, .25-06, 6.5x55, .270Win, 7x64, .30-06, 8x57IS, 9.3x62

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